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"Website owners, is it just me or is the new GA4 @googleanalytics just HORRIBLE? It's like it's designed only for retail sites or something, very hard to get the basic info that I used to rely on... Think I'll switch back! Awful!"

ā€” Trevor Long šŸ’» šŸ“± šŸ“ŗ šŸ“» @trevorlong

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We made Astrolytics because current analytics products are very hard to use. If you're not an expert in analytics and don't want to waste your time configuring the tool to track basic core metrics, Astrolytics is for you.

Usage metrics Country, platform and views

With Astrolytics you can also track your users in real time and zoom in on their actions:

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If you want an easy, accessible for everyone and intuitive analytics tool that respects the privacy of your users, make sure to give Astrolytics a try here.