Product analytics

Astrolytics serves as a product analytics tool for any web, mobile and desktop app. Think of it as a Google analytics or Mixpanel alternative that requires zero configuration to get core insights and metrics.

With Astrolytics you can track core and advanced metrics for your product:

  • Usage metrics.
    • Daily active users (DAU).
    • Monthly active users (MAU).
    • Sessions.
    • Average session duration.
  • Geographic data.
    • Countries of your users.
    • Languages of your users.
  • Platform and device metrics.
  • App version (for mobile and desktop).
  • Pages your users view and entry pages.
  • Sources / Referrers.
  • Live analytics: view the actions your users are performing on real time.
  • Zoom in on any user and view their sessions, events and actions throughout your app.
  • Custom events with custom data. Track any event you want and filter by date.
  • The navigation flow of your users.
  • Funnels
  • Cohort analysis.

We've talked to many users and companies of all sizes and came up with these core metrics. We're convinced that this is what you should be tracking to have a good understanding of you users and your product.

That's why they're the default, and it doesn't require any setup to have a useful dashboard with all these metrics.

Google analytics is complicated

GA4 is a mess. It's hard to set up. No one has time for that. And there's a big chunk of users who are blocking Google analytics script, so you migh be getting inaccurate data.

On top of that, it's not privacy friendly. You'll probably need a cookie banner and some pprivacy opt-ins to comply with privacy laws, like changing your privacy policy.

Other solutions

We know there's many product analytics tools out there: Mixpanel, PostHog, Amplitude and many others. What do they all have in common? you need to be somewhat of an expert in analytics to set them up and get useful insights from them. That's not the case with Astrolytics: you get useful dashboard with core insights with zero configuration. If that catches your interest, give us a try. You can get started with our free trial, if you don't like it you can cancel at any time, and if we'll refund you if you didn't cancel before the 30 days free trial.

Supported frameworks / languages

we currently support the following types of apps:

  • websites and web applications
  • web-based desktop applications (Tauri, Electron and anything that runs on a webview)
  • MacOS desktop apps with our Swift SDK
  • React Native mobile apps with our React Native SDK
  • Python desktop apps with our Python SDK

Check our docs for more info or get started here.