Analytics API (deprecated)

Welcome to the Analytics API. This API can be used to retrieve data collected by Astrolytics.

This API is deprecated, please use the new API V1 for new integrations.


Astrolytics expects for the API key to be included in all requests to the server in a header that looks like the following:

Authorization: your_access_token


curl "api_endpoint_here"
	-H "Authorization: your_access_token"

You may also send it in the body of a POST request as the parameter token.

Quick Glance

Fetch the number of users, installs and more during the last 24 hours.

HTTP Request


It will return the numbers like this:

	"realTime": 5,
	"installs": 9,
	"users": 29,
	"appStarts": 75

Daily analytics

The daily analytics data for your application.

You need to supply a date interval as timestamps.

HTTP Request


Parameter Optional Description
start required Timestamp for beginning of interval
end required Timestamp for end of interval
utcOffset optional Your timezone UTC offset (in minutes) so we can return the appropriate dates

It will return various data on your app like the following. Where each object contains a key/value pair for every day in the period you supplied.

	"totalEvents": {},
	"usage": {},
	"newUsers": {},
	"activeUsers": {},
	"nonNewUsers": {},
	"hours": {},
	"platforms": {},
	"errors": {},
	"languages": {},
	"ram": {},
	"versions": {},
	"countries": {}